Olio Extravergine di Oliva Dop Igp Fanciulli

Olio Fanciulli

Tuscan Organic Extra Virgin olive oil since 1800

Extra virgin Olive Oil Terre di Siena

For more than two hundred years the fanciulli family has been producing extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. Born from innovation, respect for the environment and history of the territory, Fanciulli extra virgin olive oil is produced according to the criteria of certified organic farming.

Our method

Olio di Oliva Extravergine dop terre di Siena Toscano


Every bottle of extra virgin olive oil, produced by the Fanciulli Del Casino di Siena, contains, not only an oil with distinct and brilliant characteristics, but also the ancient history of the families that have contributed to the formation of this passionate agricultural tradition.



Our products from certified organic farming, are governed by the EEC regulation 2092/91 and are subject to a rigid system of controls established by law, which verifies compliance with specific production rules.
In every stage of the production cycle, the use of chemical products (pesticides and fertilizers) is excluded, and are exclusively provided environment-friendly techniques for cultivation and breeding: to make land fertile is used crop rotations, organic fertilizers and natural minerals only. To defend the crops from pests are adopted products and techniques which have no impact on the environment.

Tuscan Olive Oil

Value of the territory

Located in the countryside of Siena, the Bagno a Sorra agricultural estate extends over several bodies in the area surrounding the city. Geographically located in anti-Apennine Tuscany, where the prevalent yellow sands alternate with scarce clays, it faces west of the city at an altitude of between 250 and 350 meters above sea level. The temperate climate, typical of the Tyrrhenian regions of central Italy, is characterized by an average annual rainfall of about 800 mm, distributed mainly in spring and autumn, a period in which temperatures fluctuate between an average min. of 4° and an average max. of 24°. This type of territory has contributed and continues to contribute to the excellent quality of the product.



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