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Olio Extravergine Toscano Fanciulli

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Which products are organic

The products for which, in all phases of the production cycle, the use of chemical products (pesticides and fertilizers) is excluded, and only the use of environmentally friendly cultivation and breeding techniques is envisaged: to make fertile soils, crop rotation is used and natural organic and mineral fertilizers are used, while to defend crops from parasites products and techniques are adopted that have no impact on the environment.

How to recognize organic products

Products from organic farming are governed by EEC regulation 2092/91 and are subjected to a strict system of controls, established by law, which verifies compliance with specific production rules.

The Certifying Body contributes to the sustainable development of organic agriculture through the control and certification of companies. In this way, products and services of greater value are obtained, maintaining production and work in compliance with the principles of social responsibility. and environmental.

They are recognized by the wording “From organic farming”.

All packaged organic products that have a percentage of organic agricultural product of at least 95% must have a specific label with the European logo (the leaf consisting of 12 stars on a green background).

Next to the European logo there are other indications necessary to identify the nation; the type of production method; the operator code; the code of the control body, preceded by the words: Control body authorized by the Mi.P.A.A.F. (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies)

IT = CODICE ISO che identifica il biologico;

BIO = depending on the country it can become ORG, EKO;

006 = numeric code of the control body

ITALIAN AGRICULTURE = to identify the place of cultivation of the products

The product from organic farming can also be identified by the community logo introduced by the EEC regulation 331/2000.

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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Body Lotion

    sapone intimo biologico olio extarvergine di oliva
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    Shampoo all'Olio Extravergine di Oliva
    Docciaschiuma all'Olio Extravergine di Oliva
    sapone olio extravergine oliva papavero e cipresso
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