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Organic Olive Oil

Which products are organic

Products can be called organic, if is excluded the use of chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) in every stages of the production cycle, and are exclusively provided environment-friendly techniques for cultivation and breeding: to make land fertile is used crop rotations, organic fertilizers and natural minerals only. To defend the crops from pests are adopted products and techniques which have no impact on the environment.


How to recognize organic products

The products from organic farming are governed by the EEC Regulation 2092/91 and are subject to a rigid system of controls established by law, which verifies compliance with specific production rules.
They can be recognized by the words “From organic farming” on the label.
Always on the label is shown the name of the supervisory bodies, the ministerial authorization and a series of letters and numbers that are the identity card of the product and the producer: IT (Italy), Xyz (control symbol of the supervisory body), 1234 (code of the company), F (fresh product) or T (processed product), oooooo (authorization code).
The organic product can also be identified by the EU logo introduced by EEC Regulation 331/2000.