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Italian Olive Oil

Gathering and withdrawal cycle, type of crusher and olive standby times

Terre di siena extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively with healthy olives picked directly from the plant, possibly stored in suitable cool, well-ventilated premises for no more than three days from harvesting and transformed within twenty-four hours of their arrival at the mills.
The oil extraction, performed by mechanical and physical methods which do not affect the original characteristics of the fruit, is carried out after the washing of the olives with water at ambient temperature. The oil must be packaged in the production area in bottles (up to 5 liters/169.07 fl-oz) or cans (5 liters/169.07 fl-oz).
The olives, coming from appropriately selected olive groves, are harvested by hand and mechanized methods in an early stage compared to the full maturity, and always in relation to the type of olive.

The olives are sent to the pressing strictly within 48 hours of harvesting. The processing cycle, after the removal of the leaves made by a leaf stripper machine, provides for a mechanic “crushing”.

The paste thus obtained passes to the kneading machine, where it is maintained at a temperature between 20 and 23 °C, before being launched at the stage of actual extraction, which therefore takes place at low temperature, to enhance the aromatic and organoleptic characteristics typical of the oil.

Conservation and oil natural settling takes place in stainless steel tanks.
Finally the oil thus produced, before passing to the controls of the proper Commissions provided for by the regulations, is subjected to a further corporate selection to maintain an effective quality standard.