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The History

Every bottle of extra virgin olive oil produced by the Fanciulli Del Casino estate in Siena contains not only an oil of excellent and unmistakable character, but also the ancient history of the families that have contributed to this impassioned farming tradition.

To this day, the commercial logo of the estate is represented by the Fanciulli family crest, showing how the past has become a part of the future.

Documents dating back to 1800 bear the proof of how lands “with sterile olive trees” have now become prosperous and fruitful olive groves, thanks to the constant improvements introduced by successive generations throughout the ages.


The Estate

The Bagno a Sorra agricultural estate, located just outside the old walls of Siena, is run according to organic farming requirements, and extends to several other holdings in the terrain surrounding the city. Geographically located in the anti-Apennine region of Tuscany, where the prevalent yellow sands alternate with occasional clayey soils, the estate lies to the west of the city, where the altitude varies from 250-350 mt. above sea level.

The typology of this terrain has contributed to the excellent quality of the product, and continues to do so to this day.